Timor-Leste Hatuhei Washed - Coffee Beans (250g)

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About This Coffee
Our Hatuhei coffee is produced by 10 small holders from Hatuhei, Letefoho village in the southwest Ermera region of Asia’s newest independent country, Timor-Leste. Half of Timor-Leste's coffee is produced in Ermera. These farms are located at altitude of 1,967m above sea level. The village name “Hatuhei” comes from a local Mambae language meaning “Green Stones”.

This coffee comes from Cafe Brisa Serene, a social enterprise based in Timor Leste who works closely with the farmers in Letefoho to produce great coffee for export around the world. Hatuhei farmers pay meticulous attention to hand-pick only fully ripe coffee cherries and remove defects. The harvest finishes just after lunch to process all the picked cherries within the same day. The harvested cherries will then go through a floater selection to eliminate insect damaged beans, followed by a de-pulping (wet-processing) with a traditional pulping machine owned by each farmer. After the pulp is removed, coffee bean parchments are removed again with a floater selection and fermented for 36 hours. Parchments are then washed off, and beans are sun-dried on drying tarpaulins.

- Timor-Leste Hatuhei

- Hybrid de Timor, Typica

Processing Method:
- Fully Washed Process

Tasting Notes:
- Red Apples, Stone Fruits, Dry Lemonish finish