Taster Pack - Myanmar Single Drip Coffee (Box of 6)

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About This Coffee
Experience the range of nuances in different processing methods of our organic Ywar Ngan Myanmar coffee from Genius. This taster pack includes two single drips of each processing method - natural, semi-washed and fully washed - meaning that you'll get different taste notes for each processing method

Genius Coffee is an award-winning social enterprise which sources its coffee from over 100 farmers in Myanmar’s Southern Shan State. Genius contributes to local education, healthcare, and forestry initiatives, and is focused on roasting and distributing coffee nationwide and abroad. 

Box of 6 individual sachets (2 each):
- Myanmar Organic Natural
- Myanmar Organic Semi-Washed
- Myanmar Organic Fully Washed

Tasting Notes:
- Natural - red apples, red dates, lemon
- Semi-Washed - grapes, clamansi, cane sugar
- Fully Washed - cranberries, orange acidity, prunes