Lite Capsule Plan (6 months pre-paid)

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Perfect for your small team - Ave. consumption: 5 cups / day
Only $0.82 per coffee 

Our well-loved Versa capsules, now available in brand new packaging, is perfect for a pick-me-up anytime of the day. Use our capsules with your handy Nespresso machine to enjoy barista-quality coffee always. The capsules are also fully compostable. A zero-waste win!

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With each fuss-free installment of our Lite capsule Plan, 10 boxes of Versa Nespresso capsules will be delivered once a month, for 6 months and shipping is free. This is a recurring pre-paid order and you will be billed at six month intervals.

Versa is one of our most popular house blends - featuring a blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans.

Tasting notes:
Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Nutty

100% premium quality Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia are blended to yield a wonderfully versatile blend that is bold and robust, yet fun and friendly to all palettes. This is a local crowd’s favourite with intense dark chocolate and nutty notes finished off with a sweet caramel aftertaste.

How Bettr Capsule Plans Work

Step 1: Assess your coffee needs
Choose a plan that'll work best for you based on your team's consumption habits.

Step 2: Capsules are packed and delivered 
Based on the capsule plan you have chosen, capsules are packed and delivered within 3-8 working days. 

Step 3: Watch out for your capsule delivery

All future orders will follow the number of capsules you’ve indicated and no further action is required, you will continue to receive a monthly delivery for the duration of your pre-paid subscription. If you would like to make any changes to your delivery schedule or pre-paid plan, please drop us a note at

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