Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Suspiros - Coffee Beans (250g)

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About This Coffee

Hailing from Guatemala’s coffee-famed highland region of Huehuetanao (“Whe Whe” for short), we present “Los Suspiros” meaning “The Sighs" - where one imagines the breath of fresh air whilst taking in the endless vistas of massive valleys of the region.

Grown at altitudes above 1500m at Guatemala’s highest and driest region, whereby it is also one of the only three regions without volcanic soil. Los Suspiros is the name of the collaboration between Fredy and Axel representing 3,200 acres. It is also part of a 3-generation family owned greater farm called Alta Mira, which spans 10,560 acres.

Los Suspiros is brought to us by Coffee Bird, a family-owned and women-led sourcing company focusing on bringing the specialty Guatemalan coffee to the world while ensuring an ethical and sustainable future for producers and all those along the supply chain.

- Guatemala, Huehuetenango

- Bourbon & Caturra

Processing Method: 
- Fully Washed Process

Tasting Notes: 
- Orange, Blueberry, Darjeeling Black Tea

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