Roasted in Singapore. Our coffee is sustainably sourced and carefully roasted before it lands in your cup. Reach out to us to talk about your in-office coffee needs or to customise a roast for your brand.


We've been roasting coffee for our corporate and cafe partners since 2012. Going beyond merely roasting and delivering our specially crafted blends - every bag of coffee contributes to supporting our social goals.

Our coffees are roasted in an ISO 22000 certified roastery, ensuring hygiene and quality standards.


Private label customisation

Looking to develop a coffee you can call your own? Get in touch and we can work with you on end-to-end development of your product. We have a full suite of production capability and experience to boot.  

In office coffee solutions

We work with partners of all sizes and with a range of needs to provide everything from bean to machine so you can enjoy a Bettr cup of coffee anytime during your work day. 


Over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day.The impact of its production, transport, and consumption reach far beyond what we can see. Our commitment is to brew coffee that's better for the community, but also better for the world. 

 We've worked with partners the last 2 years to power parts of our operations with solar energy, compost our used coffee grounds, and have gone completely straw-free, in addition to advocating for Bring-Your-Own reusables incentives. The origins of our coffee is of utmost importance, and our academy is the first in SE Asia to offer Origins Classes - an origins trip combined with SCA courses.