Taster Pack - Timor-Leste Single Drip Coffee (Box of 6)

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About This Coffee
Our organic, Timorese coffee is produced by smallholders in Hatuhei and Duhoho & Lacau in the southwest Ermera region of Asia’s newest independent country, Timor-Leste. Half of Timor-Leste's coffee is produced in Ermera. These farms are located at altitude of 1,967m above sea level, amid steep highlands covered in wild coffee forests giving ample canopies of shade to these coffee trees. This taster pack will make you half a dozen cups of Timorese coffee from Hatuhei and Duhoho & Lacau, reminiscent of stone fruit flavours.

Box of 6 individual sachets (3 each):
- Duhoho & Lacau
- Hatuhei

Tasting Notes:
Duhoho & Lacau - Plum, Green Apple, Raw Sugar
- Hatuhei - Red Apples, Stone Fruits, Dry Lemonish Finish