Bean & Brew Bundle - Clever Coffee Dripper

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Brew your own Bettr cup of coffee at home using Clever Coffee Dripper (CCD), a “steep-and-release” brewer. Although it looks like a pourover, the valve in the bottom means the coffee can be constantly immersed in all of the brew water, before a short drawdown phase, giving it more in common with immersion style brewers such as the humble plunger.

Because of this, the brewer is very easy to use and makes the parameters very repeatable. The valve makes it possible to tweak certain criteria in isolation from each other. It’s a powerful and versatile tool in our search for the perfect cup. Time to get clever!

Bundle contains:

    • Clever Coffee Dripper (18oz)
      Comes with 100 pieces of filter
    • Signature Blend Coffee Beans (250g) - choose either Heart Blend or Bold Heart Blend
      • Heart Blend
        Composition: Brazil Mogiana Monte Santo De Minas Cafe Delas, Guatemala Finca Los Capulines, Myanmar Ywar Ngan Organic Washed 
        Tasting Notes: Prunes, Dark Chocolate, Honey
      • Bold Heart Blend
        Composition: Colombian Finca Las Brisas, Southern India Coorg Karnataka
        Tasting Notes: Citrus, Prune, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Finish

If you do not have a coffee grinder, you may opt for a grind option when placing your order - we will assist with the grinding and re-sealing of chosen coffee beans for brewing.

Usual Price: $51 (Save 10%)


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