Bean & Brew Bundle - December Coffee Dripper

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About This Bundle
Just starting out on your specialty coffee journey or looking for a new equipment to add to your collection? We've got a bundle for you that comes equipped with the December Coffee Dripper, the first flat-bottomed pourover and a bag of our signature coffee beans!

Usual Price: $93 (Save 12%)

- Adjustable Brew Flow
- Precision Control
- Maintain an optimal grind size with a wide range of brew recipes
- Even extraction everytime
- Hockey-puck shaped coffee brew bed gives an even brew dynamic

Bundle Contains
- December Coffee Dripper (White)
- December Coffee Dripper Filters (50 pieces)
- Signature Blend Coffee Beans - 250g - (Heart Blend OR Bold Heart)
- If you do not have a coffee grinder, you may opt for a grind option when placing your order - we will assist with the grinding and re-sealing of chosen coffee beans for brewing.
- The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

Things Just Got a Little Bit Bettr
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About This Coffee - Heart Blend
A nuanced, signature combination of coffees connecting three continents across the globe.

These coffees were selected not just for the unparalleled combination of bold Brazilian chocolate, tropical Myanmar fruits, and the sweet honey traces of Guatemala's premium, coveted highland coffees - they are sought out from the world’s most famous coffee producing regions for the stories they cultivate.

- Brazil Mogiana Monte Santo De Minas Café Delas
- Guatemala Finca Los Capulines
- Myanmar Ywar Ngan Organic Washed

Tasting Notes:
Prunes, Dark Chocolate, Honey


About This Coffee - Bold Heart Blend
This coffee speaks to the boldest of hearts. Bettr Coffee Co.'s signature house blend is designed to appeal to a stronger palate, incorporating chocolatey, intense characteristics that make a heavier-bodied and comforting cup. It includes beans
grown with holistic, sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices at the farm level.

- Colombia Las Brisas
Southern India Coorg Karnataka Alilu Estate 

Tasting Notes:
Citrus, Prune, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Finish